What is MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging is a diagnostic method for producing images of various parts of the human body. It is especially suitable for imaging soft tissues and organs such as the brain, blood vessels, abdominal organs, small pelvis, but also joints or spine.

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What is X-ray?

X-ray examination (X-ray) is the most widespread non-invasive diagnostic method that images the dynamic and static image of the human body by means of the physical properties of X-rays penetrating live substance.
X-ray examination is particularly suitable for imaging harder body structures like bones or extraneous objects in the body.

  • Magnetic resonance examination

    The center is equipped with PHILIPS 3,0T Ingenia Omega HP MRI machine, which uses the latest updated sequences and software procedures. Modern technology of the MR system provides high image quality, the optimised design ensures comfort for patients weighing up to 250 kg and reduced noise during the examinations.

  • Radiography-skiagraphy (X-RAY) examination

    The center PRODIAGNOSTIKA PRAHA – LIBEŇ uses innovative X-ray machine Philips DuraDiagnost Rel.4. The machine provides all routine examinations of patients lying on the table, sitting or standing. It is suitable for a wide range of examinations from skiagraphic examination of the skull, chest, abdomen, spine and pelvis to the limb bones. Philips DuraDiagnost Rel.4 provides high image quality at the lowest possible X-ray dose for the patient.


The center PRO DIAGNOSTIKA PRAHA – LIBEŇ is a modern non-state medical facility that offers diagnostic services and magnetic resonance imaging and X-ray equipment. An experienced medical team with many years of experience in the area uses the top quality equipment.
  • PRO DIAGNOSTIKA PRAHA - LIBEŇ is currently negotiation with health insurance companies to establish a contractual relationship.
  • It is also possible to examine self-payers based on the standard procedure and prices according to the price list.
  • The equipment guarantees innovative methods and clinical applications to provide the most accurate diagnostic imaging for patients and doctors.
  • Doctors regularly increase their expertise by participating in local, European and global radiological congresses and workshops.
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PRO DIAGNOSTIKA is a modern non-state medical facility offering comprehensive diagnostic services in the field of radiology. Experienced medical team with years of experience uses the highest quality instrumentation.