Magnetic resonance center and skiagraphic center
Pro Diagnostika Praha – Libeň

The magnetic resonance center using Philips Ingenia 3.0T has been operating since 2020 and is located in the ISCARE Clinic Center in Prague 9. Modern technology of the MR system provides high image quality, the optimised design ensures comfort for patients weighing up to 250 kg and reduced noise during an examination. The Center provides patients all standard MR examinations of the head and neck, the entire spine, mediastinum, abdominal organs, gastrointestinal tract, pelvis and the entire musculoskeletal and vascular system.


The center PRODIAGNOSTIKA PRAHA – LIBEŇ uses innovative X-ray machine Philips DuraDiagnost Rel.4. The machine provides all routine examinations of patients lying on the table, sitting or standing. It is suitable for a wide range of examinations from skiagraphic examination of the skull, chest, abdomen, spine and pelvis to the limb bones. Philips DuraDiagnost Rel.4 provides high image quality at the lowest possible X-ray dose for the patient.